African History & Geography

African HistoryCourse Syllabus12th Grade

Ms. Penney

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Course Description This course provides both a chronological and regional introduction to the complexity and diversity of the African historical experience. We will examine important historical developments in Africa before the arrival of Europeans, analyze the reshaping of Africa’s political economy during the colonial period, and explore the challenges facing independent Africa. Some of the themes that we will explore are historical links between Africa and the world and contemporary Western attitudes towards Africa.   Instructional OutcomesAt the end of this course students will be able to:
  • Synthesize historical information by make personal connections with past events
  • Argue a particular point of view using evidence and data produced from research
 Course Schedule: African History is as semester long course and will run approximately 18 weeks. 
 Week  Unit
Week 1-2 Diverse Geography of Africa
Week 3-4 Pre-Colonial History
Week 5-9 Colonial History
Week 20-14 African Independence
Week 15-18Problems and Prospects
  1. Giving up is never acceptable.
  2. Respect for others, yourself and the classroom should be exercised at all times.
  3. Please be prepared and ready to participate at the start of class.
  4. All assignments are due on or before the due date.
 Class Procedures:Please avoid sharpening pencils, moving around the room, turning in homework, or asking permission to leave the room while others are speaking. Course Expectations:It is expected that all students positively participate in the course daily through discussion, completing assignments, debate and being prepared. 
  • Notebooks:  Students are expected to keep well maintained notebooks in class daily.
  • Missing Class:  It is the student’s responsibility to pick up any materials from the missed work folders for any classes missed.  Students will need to ask a fellow student for any missed notes, etc.
  • Bathroom Passes:  Students will receive a set of bathroom passes for each grading period.  Students are responsible for making sure that they use their passes wisely.  Students will not be allowed to use the bathroom during the first or last 15 minutes of class.
  • Late work:  Late work is not accepted.  All assignments are due on or before the due date. 
 Grading Policy:·         Major Assessments (e.g. portfolio projects, unit projects, tests, etc)  = 40%·         Minor Assessments (e.g. .quizzes, journals,  etc)                              = 30%·         Class work, homework, participation                                                  = 30%          TEXTBOOK/ RESOURCES Provided in the classroom.ADDITIONAL RESOURCESProvided in the classroom. Required Materials: BinderPenHighlighter